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National Engineering Month is...

Canada’s largest celebration of engineering excellence, where volunteers from the provincial and territorial regulators host over 500 events that show Canadians how rewarding an engineering career can truly be. 

Discover Engineering

Aerospace, chemical, civil, electrical, industrial, mechanical, mining, software... the list of engineering disciplines goes on and on. Learn about them all and discover where your skills and interests can fit in.


Chart Your Course

Engineering is about more than just building highways and bridges. Engineers do a great many things. Use this tool to discover what disciplines motivate and excite you the most.


Everyday Engineers

Engineering can take you anywhere. From the lab to the field, from a nuclear plant to a mine, from an electric utility to starting your own business, your engineering degree opens up a world of possibilities. Find out what these engineers have done with theirs.

More Engineers

National Engineering Month 2018
There's a place for you!

Engineering is a place for you.  A place where you can find your niche. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or who you are—all you need is your enthusiasm and passion. The rest we can teach you. With engineering’s many disciplines and uses, you can find something that speaks to you. Whether you’d like to stay close to home or explore far and wide, you have choices along your engineering path. From our National Engineering Month events, to your education and into your career, engineering pathways can be found from coast to coast and across the world. We want to support your interests and successes. 

There is nothing you can’t do and there are no heights you can’t reach once you discover what engineering has to offer! Think about what you like to do and what kind of impact you want to make—engineering is the foundation of a fulfilling career if you like being creative, working with great people, travelling, solving problems and being rewarded for your work. Becoming an engineer is not only an investment in yourself, but also an investment in the world in which you live. Do you feel passionate about making a difference? Many engineers do—being an engineer gives you the skills you need to solve the issues that you’re passionate about. As an engineer, you can shape the future by applying your skills to almost everything you can think of, from medicine to renewable energy, food technologies to sustainable mining, from being prepared for natural disasters to running a Fortune 500 company.

Outside of the buzz of the many exciting events during March, you will find the engineering profession is dedicated to welcoming you. Members of the engineering community can be found in your classrooms and at your career days, putting on all kinds of competitions to help you better understand our profession, giving away scholarships, and doing all sorts of other neat things to excite you about engineering. But don’t just take our word for it; National Engineering Month is a great time to discover your place in engineering!