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Kevin Englehart, P.Eng.

Every day, Dr. Kevin Englehart, P.Eng., makes people’s lives better all across Canada by using his engineering abilities.

He’s an associate director at the University of New Brunswick’s world-renowned Institute of Biomedical Engineering, which is the university where he went to school.

Kevin and his team create comfortable, artificial limbs (also called prosthetics) to help amputees.

To do this, they measure the electricity made by the muscles in your body and decode it to find out exactly how the body moves. Pretty cool stuff!

Fascinated by the way the brain and body communicate; he has helped create ‘Proto 2’, a special prosthetic hand that has 80 sensors in the fingertips and palm. The sensors send signals to the brain and allow users to actually feel what they could feel before. This absolutely amazing and life-changing invention earned the 2007 Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Award.

Also, his team wants to make the lives of other people as good as possible, so they started working on the ‘UNB band’. This band will do most of the things that complicated prosthetic hands do, but will be a lot less expensive so people can more easily afford them.

Dr. Englehart has literally changed the world by teaching future engineers about brain/body connection and finding ways to help amputees worldwide feel again. He is undoubtedly an extraordinary example of how engineers improve the daily life of others.

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