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Computer Engineering

Computer engineers create and improve the technologies and hardware that shape our modern world.

Computer engineers research, design, develop, evaluate and integrate computer and telecommunications hardware and equipment, and information and communication system networks including wireless communication networks, fibre-optic networks, intranets, the Internet and other systems.

Computer and telecommunications hardware engineers will analyze a user’s requirement, and design and develop new computer equipment accordingly. They will research, design, develop and integrate computer and telecommunications hardware such as microprocessors, integrated circuit boards and semiconductor lasers, and will develop and conduct design simulations and prototype bench tests of the components. These engineers will also supervise, inspect and provide design support when manufacturing, installing and implementing this hardware.

Network system and data communication engineers will research, design and develop information and communication system network architecture, and will evaluate and integrate network system and data communication hardware and software. They will also assess and optimize the capacity and performance of these networks.